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Thread: Pipe inside damaged plaster wall

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    Pipe inside damaged plaster wall

    Noticed a wall in the kitchen was peeling and cracking. Thought it was the roof leaking but after the roof was replaced the damage was still continuing to get worse. Started to remove damage from the wall and noticed a pipe plastered inside the wall. I am hoping this was just condensation from the pipe that caused the damage. The pipe appears to be cast iron and I was told that it's unlikely that is leaking, but maybe at the elbow. I turned in the heat and check the pipe for leaks with no leaks found. There is green residue in the pipe though. The heat in that particular ,room is poor as well.

    The pipe was basically covered inside the plaster inside the wall. Is this common in

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    I have replaced cast iron pipes many times that were leaking, they rust from the inside out.

    That being said , condensation does build up due to sweating.

    However that only time I have ever replaced a damaged rusted thru cast iron pipe is when it was used to run steam for heat.

    In a home cast iron is used to carry low pressure gas and should never rust out.

    If it is being used to carry water that is wrong and can rust thru.

    Either way I would replace it with copper, if it is a gas pipe.


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    I would cut out as much as you can get to with out a lot of work and replace it with pvc.

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    You can replace with PVC as long as it is water, but if it is gas, you need steel or copper.


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